Posted by: Bernard Lelchuk | May 18, 2013

20GB of free cloud storage + Unlimited additional free storage!

Hi All,

As I’m a big fan of cloud storage/sync services I’ve been using them all – first for testing purposes.
From DropBox, through Google Drive, MS SkyDrive, Sugar Sync,, Cubby and the list is growing!

I’ve recently came across a new cloud service which is called simply COPY.
These guys give you a head-start of FREE 20GB + additional 5GB storage per each successful referral – which seems to be unlimited, at list for this service launch/introduction period.

So, here I was registering for yet another cloud service with great storage basis, and do not know what to except from it.

Well, I’ve installed their iOS versions – iPhone & iPad, and I must say that the app looks & feels pretty good.
However, it does seem to miss many basic features such as Auto-sync of folders or even select-all feature when trying to upload multiple-files.
Yet I’ll stick around and see how it evolved and update you, my lovely readers & supporters.
In the meanwhile, you’re all invited to give it a shot and share your thoughts about it.

COPY – Free 20GB cloud storage



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