Posted by: Bernard Lelchuk | September 6, 2012

iOS Testing Mind Map – How to test an iPhone/iPad/iPod

A few months ago I had come across this great Getting Started with Mobile Testing Mind Map by Ministry of Testing.

This mind map simply blew me away and I’ve decided to comment lengthly and share my insights, based on my vast expertise in the Mobile Testing domain.
Then after reviewing Rosie‘s (the author) response, asking for my collaboration with future mind mas, it was only a matter of time until I raised the glove and started brainstorming.

I’ve been introduced with Nick who has a vast experience in mobile testing in general and iOS testing in specific, which wished to have a platform specific mind map.

Nick & I started the collaboration process and the iOS testing mind map started to grow bigger and bigger to the point that we had to break it down.
We managed to drill-down to so many specific test cases and we believed that these should be referenced in a dedicated mind map or maybe a series of mind maps as Rosie suggested.
At the end we narrowed this mind map to a digestible and practical one which will be easy to follow and will cover the fundamentals of iOS testing as we see it.

So without further notice I now present to you our iOS Testing Mind Map / Check-List:

Should you feel that there are missing test cases or ones which are irrelevant to you – you’re more than invited to grab the project file and adjust it to your needs.
Thus, you’ll be happy to hear that Rosie was kind enough to make this handy zip file which hosts this mind map in a handful of useful formats:

  • Smmx (SimpleMind Map project file)
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • text
  • OPML
  • MM

The application we used was SimpleMind Desktop, though you’ll need to get the pro version to import an existing mind map.
The full version costs money, however could be used free for a period of 30-days and I highly recommend it!
Also there is an iPhone, iPod & iPad versions of SimpleMind for iOS which makes the Mind Mapping process accessible at any point of your busy day life! 🙂

Make sure to also visit the iOS Testing MindMap / Checklist post which was published on the Ministry of Testing website.

Happy iOS Testing!



  1. Its really great.. liked the way you map.. and its really useful, similarly we can derive a mind map for android and windows phone. Keep up the good work. Its simply great.

    • Thanks for the great feedback Narain!
      Actually I do plan on writing similar mind maps for other platforms such as Android & WinPhone, as well as drill down to more extended iOS mind maps. 🙂

      • It will be really great.. thanks for the news Bernard

  2. Map is very helpful in writing test cases either this is functional or non-function and all components are pretty helpful in grasping all the testing aspects and testing ethos of iOS

    • Dwarika,
      Many thanks for your feedback! 😉

  3. Hi Bernard,

    Very interesting and helpful…thank you for sharing.


  4. I loved the colors used it makes very vibrant and catchy, doesn’t look boring 🙂

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